COVID-Safe Schools

A clearinghouse of information on COVID-19 screening
and best practices for PK-12 Schools.

Data for PK-12
Best Practices

Includes in-school prevention, extracurricular safety, COVID in kids (and grown-ups), communication strategies, vaccination information, and more.

Screening Tests

What are the best kinds of screening tests for schools?
What do you need to know to choose among them? Includes information about pooled testing, rapid antigen tests, and the terminology you need to know in order to evaluate them.

Screening Strategy

Want to start COVID screening in your school? Here are links to toolkits and templates for planning your program, explanations of how districts like yours made it happen, and links to mentor districts to help guide you through the process.

The Big Picture

Information about the pandemic across the country and around the world. Includes interactive maps to inform you about the COVID situation in your neck of the woods.

Calls for Action

I’m not the only one who thinks we should be screening for COVID in schools. The CDC, the superintendents of the country’s largest school systems, and the Boston Globe all agree with me.


How much do these tests cost, and how on earth do we pay for all of them?